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These beautiful and colourful glazed Porcelain tiles are also called Andalusian, Moroccan Tunisian, Spanish and most accurately, Zellig. Originating in Morocco centuries ago, the tiles were influenced by French art and architecture and can be very similar to the tiles in the south of Spain. They are also prevalent in the state of California in the western United States. An outstanding choice for a home or business of most any decor, this range of tiles have a hand crafted appearance and are famous for their wide variety of geometric patterns. Orange, black, blue and black are the dominant colours used in the tile patterns, but modern tile makers make a staggering array of colour choices. They may be used on all vertical surfaces and will work well for horizontal surfaces that are more generally used. Applications include bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks, furniture such as tabletops, patio and sidewalk borders and swimming pools. The vivid colours are permanent and not subject to fading. Not only are they tiles beautiful, but they are environmentally safe and provide a measure of climate control for the owner. They reflect heat in the warm weather and retain it well in the colder months. Another wonderful characteristic of these tiles how they inspire the creativity of artisans. Not only can they be widely applied, but the many combinations of shape and color make many custom designs for medallions, borders and entire walls.
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